5 Basic Dart Games You Should Know

Some sports are pretty entertaining and fast paced. These types of sports tend to cater to a large audience, because people want to see athleticism and maybe a little bit of drama. Sports like darts are much slower, but they can also have a fair amount of drama.

But darts is not just one game with a single set of rules. There are plenty of darts games which you should know, and here are the 5 basic ones.


This is one of the simplest forms of darts out there. Two players are required. Both start with 301 points and the goal is to reach 0 points by subtracting the amount of points you get by hitting the target.

The problem is that you have to get exactly 0 points, not more, not less. The only way to start your countdown is to hit a double pointer, meaning any of the possible 21 doubles.

When you are finishing, you also need to hit a double, for example, if you have 12 points left, you need to hit a 2×12 mark.


This is a fun game mode for two or more players, but it is best to start with a minimum of three. Everybody selects their number, and they have to hit the double of their own number, to become the Killer. Then they have to hit the opponents’ doubles. Everybody has three lives. Hit an opponent’s number when you are the killer and they lose one, hit your own and you also lose one. The goal is to get everybody’s lives to zero, while remaining alive yourself.


This is another popular game mode. There are specific numbers in play, the bullseye and from 15 to 20.

You first need to own a number by scoring it three times, or once if you hit a triple. After you own it, you can throw at that number and get points until another player owns it. If you close all the numbers and own them and you have the highest high score, you win. It is a strategic game mode.

High Score

This is one of the simplest darts games. You set a high score with your opponents. Everybody gets three throws per turn. The first one to reach the high score wins. It is a simple game which should be used as an introductory game mode for darts.

Around The World/Clock

Everybody gets three throws per turn. The goal is to hit all the numbers on the dartboard in numerical order, from 1 to 20.

It doesn’t matter whether you hit a double or triple or single. As soon as you hit a number, you move on to the next one. The game is time limited, from 10 minutes to half an hour.

Darts are great and fun, especially if you take your friends out to a pub or arcade. These 5 basic game modes will help even complete beginners to understand and enjoy darts.