Betting on Golf – What You Need to Know

Sports are very fun, but you need to take care if you want to bet on a sport you do not know. Some sports are pretty easy to bet on, for example, football. You bet on who the winner will be and that is about it. Other sports make it harder, with bets like guessing who will win by how many points and whether any team will do better in terms of tackling. Nowadays, many people use online bonus codes, such as William Hill Bonus, when they are placing bets, as have more fun with it than just placing regular bets.

For golf, things are a bit different. Betting on golf requires you to understand the types of bets you can make, as well as betting odds. Here is how to bet on golf.

Understanding Betting Odds

Bettings odds come in three flavors, moneyline odds, fractional odds and decimal odds. The first are used in the US, the second in the UK and the third in Europe. It may vary but it is best to understand them all.

Moneyline odds tell you how much you will win if you bet 100 dollars. They also place handicaps on teams. A – symbol tells you who the favorite is and the + symbol tells you who the underdog is. The favorites give you less money, by the minus amount relative to your bet, and the underdogs give you more, adding to your bet.

Fractional odds are simple to understand and are presented as fractions, ¼, or 6/5, depending on who the favorite and underdog are. If the top number is higher than the lower number, then you found the underdog. You can add the fractional amount to your bet to know how much you would win. In the case of ¼, you would add a quarter to your bet, and in the case of 6/5, you would add your bet, plus another fifth of it. If you bet 100$, you would win 220$.

Decimal odds are the simplest, you simply multiply your bet with the odds, for example, 100$ times 1.5 or 1.9. The lower number is the favorite and the opposite the underdog.

Golf Bets – Find the Right Bet

The best thing that you can do when you know the odds is consider which bet is the right one for you. Following are the most common bets in golf:

The Outright Winner bet is the simplest bet in golf. You bet on who is going to win the tournament. This bet is easy and simple and if you have faith and have done your research, you may win a solid amount of money.

The Finishing or Placement bet is another common bet where a bettor predicts where a golfer will finish in the standings. You can choose top 5 or 10. The larger the margin, the lower the payout.

The Matchup bets put one golfer against another of your choosing. The one with the better score wins you the bet. You can choose by how much you think your golfer will win.

Prop bets allow you to bet whether a certain American or Spaniard or multiple of them, will finish top 3 or 10. They are pretty unique and should be researched thoroughly prior to betting.

These are some of the most common golf bets. The rules are simple once you understand the odds and have done lots of research. Remember to bet responsibly.