Why Do People Love Bowling So Much?

Sports are played in all parts of the world. Yet, not all sports played are contact sports. Contact sports are those where players can interact with one another physically, like football, basketball, rugby, handball, water polo and so on and so forth. These sports are also very dynamic in nature. On the opposite end, you have low-dynamic sports. Billiards, bowling, curling, cricket and many more.

Bowling is a fun sport and loved by so many people. Yet one who has never played bowling often asks, why is it so popular? Here are a couple of reasons as to why people love bowling so much.

Stress Relief – Bowling Helps Alleviate Stress

The bowl rolling down the lane, hitting the pins, the very sounds that the ball makes are easy on the ears.

The very act of bowling is great if you want to relax after a long day’s work.

Take note, bowling is still exercising, the bowling ball has some weight to it. That weight, along with the proper movements, ensures that you will get some much needed exercise, as well as enjoy a low-dynamic sport.

Socializing and Playing Sports – A Great Ice Breaker

Meeting new people is easy when you have a sport such as bowling. It basically implies socialization. People do not prod or push, but you can talk and play at your own pace. This makes the game better than most other games, where you have contact and a risk of injury. Bowling can be a leisurely activity, as well as a way to exercise and socialize. Socialization is very important for us humans, so bowling opens up new alleys to explore.

You Can Always Play it – Even During a Pandemic

Bowling is played indoors. That means, rain or snow or extreme heat, the alleys will be open. With a global pandemic, bowling alleys can still work, given the nature of the sport. It is not a high-intensity sport so heavy breathing will not be an issue. While other sports took a hit, bowling kept rolling along, not changing its pace too much. Wearing a mask and bowling is not that difficult compared to lifting weights or running on a treadmill. 

It’s a Good Workout – Carrying Extra Weight Helps

Moving all that weight around, meaning the bowling ball, will give our lower extremities a good workout. For sedentary people, bowling can be a good way of getting back into shape. The legs and glutes will get a good workout, much needed for those who work from a chair.

Depending on the game and your intensity as a player, you can burn plenty of calories by bowling alone. It can be a great addition to an already existing training schedule.

Bowling is a cherished sport, whether for its stress relief, health benefits, socialization or just hearing the ball strike the pins.