Traveling in the Time of the Pandemic – What You Need to Know

When the world is shocked by something as big as a global pandemic, people need to know how to handle things. At first, everybody was pretty much shocked and the world stopped for a moment. People were stockpiling anything from food to hygiene products, leaving stores literally empty because suppliers and manufacturers were constrained.

Fast forward a year and the pandemic is still not over. The world has recovered, slightly. This means that travel is available for some. The question is, how should you go about traveling during these trying times? Here are a couple of pointers to make things easier.

The Covid Situation in Your Country

This is very important for traveling. If your country has a high rate of infection, chances are that some countries will not be allowing you to enter.

This can be an issue, given that you might find that out after landing at your destination. If you get sent back because of your country’s Covid status, your vacation might already be ruined.

Check everything, to make sure that you have a green light to leave for another country. Some destination countries might have stricter rules regarding Covid, so keep that in mind as well.

The Covid Situation Abroad – At the Destination

While your own country might be doing better, the neighboring country might not be doing as well, or rather, any country you are traveling to. This might increase your own risk of getting infected, or you might end up in a soft quarantine for a while after entering the country. This can be problematic.

Most countries require you to have a negative Covid test, depending on the country, 3 to 7 days old at most. This should be researched before embarking on a trip or even planning it. You should have that test ready when you start traveling.

What is Your Health Like? And at the Destination?

Your own health is the most important, but you should not endanger others by being careless. Some people have weaker immune systems that even after vaccination, they might be compromised by Covid or any other virus, for that matter. Consider your own health or your possible host’s when traveling. Try not to get vaccinated just before your trip, to give your body enough time to process the vaccine shot/s.

Travel Type – Driving, Then Everything Else

If you have a car and your destination is close, then by all means, drive. It is your car and your germs, you will be safe. Traveling by plane is relatively safe because of the security measures most airlines require of their passengers. Busses can be more difficult to use, mostly due to their lack of ventilation. Trains should be better than busses, but it all depends on the crowds. If you had your shots, you should not fret too much, but still keep your distance, mostly to make others feel better.

Be on Your Guard – Prevent Rather than Cure

If you have your mask when in public and around many people and if you clean your hands frequently enough, you should be great. Try to remember the basics of hygiene, particularly in these times and when abroad.

Get travel insurance in case you get sick abroad. This should cover you in case you make a mistake here or there.

Traveling in these virulent times is a bit challenging, but we can overcome it, and with these pointers, so can everyone.