Fun Facts About Golf – Things Which You Might not Have Known About Golf

Sports like golf are not like other sports. Most sports have more movement involved in them, actions which coaches can tutor and things to be improved upon. Golf has one, the swing. Granted, that is an oversimplification and there are many aspects of the swing which can be broken down into parts one can work on.

Yet, golf is not just about the swing in its entirety. Golf has evolved over the centuries and along the way, we have gathered some interesting facts about it. Here they are, in no particular order.

Golf Was Once Illegal

Golf, like most sports, were illegal at some point in time. Golf originated in Scotland a long time ago. During the 15th century, golf was banned, actually, it was banned multiple times between 1547 and 1744.

There were public excuses about the ban, saying that it actually bothers people and can cause damage to public property, but in reality, it was about the military. Archers and the military were distracted by people playing golf, as well as by golf itself. Golf is fun to play and military personnel are also people who enjoy a good game of golf. Golf was also invented in Scotland, in the 15th century. Scotland also invented curling, so there are at least a couple unique sports under Scotland’s name.

Hole in Ones are Hard to Hit

Hitting a hole in one is pretty difficult. Tiger Woods did it when he was 8, but that is a different story, Woods being a prodigy. An average player hitting a hole in one takes even more than a professional. The odds are around 12,000 to 1 that you can hit a hole in one. This might seem discouraging but there are plenty of factors involved. A particularly windy day will make it even more difficult.

Golf Balls Have Their Own History

Golf balls were made out of many materials during the history of golf. Some of the materials in question were leather. Yes, they were made out of leather, then sewn together and filled with feathers. You can imagine how long they lasted.

After those futile attempts, manufacturers moved to wood. Wooden balls also did not last as long as the leather ones, but they did better. It made sense to use wooden balls because many other ball games used them in the period between the 15th and 17th century.

The early 20th century, actually, in 1901, rubber balls became the standard for golf, which we still use to this day, with a bit of plastic.

You Can Play Right or Left Handed

It doesn’t matter if you are left or right handed, you can play either way. Phil Mickelson, a great golfer, is right handed but plays like a lefty. It might seem like a silly thing to do, but when you are a child, you want to mirror your idols, your parents. This is what Mickelson did and it is something that you can also try.

These are some of the most interesting facts about golf.