Fun Facts About Darts – What Makes Darts Amazing

Some sports we know because of exposure. Everybody has an idea about football and basketball – they’re always on the TV and a lot of people bet on these sports offline, and online. We know their origins. Football’s origins are a bit clouded, because there were people kicking balls in all parts of the world, in different centuries and on different continents.

The game of darts is a bit less known. Yes, everybody knows what a dartboard is, but what about its origins, or other interesting facts? Well, if you want to know more details about darts, as well as some amazing facts, here are a few of them.

Darts Were Made to Keep Soldiers at Home

Like with most sports, it is very difficult to pin them down to an exact period of time and a place in the world. Darts, however, can be traced to England and the 14th century.

Like with any war and during medieval times and even later, there were plenty of wars, soldiers would desert for one reason or another.

To give soldiers something to do, the game of darts was invented.

In its first instances, darts were not small darts which we have today, but actual arrowheads. Soldiers would throw these arrowheads at wine barrels. But wine barrels aren’t made to be targets, so tree trunks started being used instead of wine barrels. Given how trees have tree rings after you cut them, the rings became the foundation upon which modern targets are built.

Imagine Darts Being Illegal – It Was Real

In the town of Leeds in 1908, a pub owner was arrested because he let his patrons play darts in his pub. Darts were considered a game of chance and were therefore banned. The case was taken to court. The pub owner knew a guy, William Annakin, a professional darts player at the time. He was asked to throw darts at a board as evidence to help the defending pub owner. He hit the 20 mark three times. A clerk was asked to do the same. The clerk missed the board entirely with one shot, while others were also not as good. After that case, darts were reconsidered by the English Crown.

The Actual Darts are Different

One might think that all darts are the same. Professional darts can be made out of nickel/silver, brass or even tungsten. They can weigh anywhere between 18 and 50 grams per dart. The 50 grams one are pretty heavy, considering their size. Depending on your own preferences, you should try different darts if you want to improve your game. The weight and materials are the main factors, so changing those will give you an idea of which one is the best for you.

It Does Not Require Much Fitness – Age Also Matter Little

Unlike most sports, darts requires you to be able to throw 3 darts. Your height and weight are of nobody’s concern in this sport. Age is also not a restriction. Darts can be played by people of all ages. Whether you are a youth who wants to prove themselves or an elderly who still loves playing darts, the game is open to you, on an amateur and professional level.

Be Careful of the Numbers

The numbers on the dartboard were very purposely put the way they are. Next to 20, you can find 1 and 5. If you simply throw your dart around, you can hit a 1 or a lower number than you wanted, which will essentially give your opponent time to catch up. Throw your darts with intention.

Darts are a very fun game and a fun sport, and these have been some fun facts about it.