What is Curling? – Understanding the Sliding Stones

Sports have always been a point of interest for millions of people in the world. Everybody has their favorite sport and favorite players or teams. People gather to watch games every time they are on TV, or they even travel the world to watch their idols play. Many also love sports because they enjoy betting on them which is especially convenient nowadays when there are online sportsbooks that offer various promotions. For example, New Zealand players use a bonus code that allows them to have more fun betting. Now, there are a plethora of amazing sports in the world but most people watch only the most popular ones. This is a shame, as some of them are very unique in the way that they are played. Such sports are golf, darts, bowling, and cricket. While people have heard of these sports, some have no clue how they are played.

Imagine if they heard about curling and they are not from Canada. Curling is a very special sport that has its roots in medieval Scotland, like plenty of unique sports do, including golf. Here is everything you need to know about curling to understand it and demystify the sliding stones.

Curling – What It Is and How is It Played

Curling is a sport where teams of four skate and slide a stone with the goal of getting it as close as possible to a target at the end of the lane.

Two teams of four play against one another, traditionally. The ice sheet/lane is around 44 to 45 meters long and up to 5 meters wide. The players are known as the Lead, Second, Third and Fourth. 

The target at the end of the sheet is called the Button with four rings which represent four houses. The goal of the game is to get the stones closer to the Button or at least in the house. The stone must be released before the Hog Line, which is at the other end of the sheet. Each of the four players deliver 2 stones, for a total of 8. When all 16 stones are sled, that is called an inning or an end. There can be 8 to 12 of those. The goal is to score more points than your opponent.

A Brief History of Curling

Curling was created in Scotland in the 16th century, around Dunblane. Inscriptions with curling and the dates 1511 and 1551 were found after the lake was drained. The world’s oldest curling stone came from that lake and both it and the world’s oldest football are kept in the Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum.

Curling was taken to Canada and the US by Scottish immigrants. It is the oldest active governing body in North America. Curling is mostly popular in Canada and Scotland. The World Curling Federation, established in 1966, has its headquarters in Scotland.

It became an Olympic Sport in 1998.

Can You Curl? – Where and How

Curling is available in most capital cities of the world. It is probably available in many other smaller cities, if your country is in a colder part of the world. Canada and Scotland will have curling clubs in packs. 

Curling takes some time to understand as a new player, but if you want to try it, you will definitely have fun. Being a team sport, you need 3 others to help you in your quest to slide stones.

Curling is a wonderful sport which has its roots in medieval Scotland. Currently an Olympic Sport, it is available worldwide. Try it out and see whether you can score more than the opposing team.