The Walt Disney World Resort

When you have a vision, like Walt Disney had, the world starts revolving differently, at least for you. Your vision gives you power and you simply work towards your goal, settling everything as you go. Things start getting a lot better when you create something amazing.

Walt Disney wanted his Walt Disney World resort to be a reality. Sadly, he died in 1966 prior to it becoming a reality. Yet, with his late brother Roy’s determination, the Walt Disney World resort was opened in 1971. Roy also died that year, but he saw his brother’s dream come into fruition. Here is what you can find in the Walt Disney World resort.

Rides and Entertainment

The resort has all sorts of rides and entertainment for both children and adults. Located in Bay Lake, Florida, the resort has theme parks such as the Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Add water parks to the collection and you can have fun in the sun, the water, or simply by seeing all the lovely things. The resort also has accommodations of all kinds, making sure that every guest can find the one where they will feel the most like at home.

Golfing! – Multiple Course

As a golfer, knowing that you can entertain your children and also play golf, makes the World resort an amazing place to visit when on a vacation. The resort has three full 18 hole courses, Disney’s Palm, Disney’s Lake Buena Vista and Disney’s Magnolia. The golf courses are amazing and each one of them is different in its own way. One should try them whenever in the World resort. They also have a 9 hole course, called the Oak Trail. It is foot-only and intended for younger golfers. There are also miniature golf courses, for those who do not wish to experience the entirety of a full 18 course. The miniature one has water traps, though, so be careful.

Disney During the Pandemic

The parks in Paris and the World resort were closed from March 15th 2020 until July 11th, but only at 20% capacity and a single theme park. The number of guests increased as the pandemic situation was getting better, but the parks still operated at limited capacity. That was probably the best solution for everybody.

Currently, four theme parks are opened at the World resort.

The World resort also hosted the NBA Bubble, meaning the final 8 games and the playoffs for the 2019-2020 NBA season.

What the Future Holds

The resort always has plans for the future. For example, a hotel named Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser is in plans and under construction. Reflections – A Disney Lakeside Lodge is another resort which is under construction. There is a TRON-themed roller coaster under construction as well as many new rides and resorts, which should make the visit even more magical.

The Walt Disney World resort is a place one should always visit when in Florida. The golf courses are very nice, so make sure to try all three when you are there, or even the 9 hole one if you feel like walking.