How expensive is golf really?

Sometimes, I will come across a comment that golf is only for rich people and whenever I

hear that I start laughing. Not that I am ridiculing, far from that, but it is really funny to hear that coming from people who have never experienced playing it or have been at least interested in golf as a sport. Now of course, as with every sport, the equipment you use can be expensive, and yes, if you are playing it professionally, you will be upgrading your gear which will not be very cost effective. But, you have to understand that most of the golf players (you and me alike) don’t need such gear in order to play it successfully. You just need to be motivated to learn and that is it; really, trust me on that one.


As mentioned, even though it can be expensive, you don’t need expensive gear in order to play golf. Namely, many people that are first starting out rely on golf communities and clubs to borrow their clubs off of them.

This is a very good solution because you wouldn’t want to spend a lot of money on something until you are very sure that you want to continue using it; for example, imagine you buy a club and realise that that sort of club doesn’t fit your playing type. That would be a waste of money, no? That is why golf clubs (see what I did there) are an amazing option for beginner players. 

What you can also do as a beginner player is buy used clubs and balls off of Craigslist! I know it can sound shady – but you really don’t need  to go to the popular sports stores in order to get your gear, Craigslist is just as fine, believe me. People on it will sell used tees, clubs and balls for a very low price, and you should use that offer. It is inevitable that some clubs will not fit you, that you will lose many balls while starting out and that is why buying second-hand gear will be even more than okay for you as it will spare you from some money frustrations.


I know a lot of people complain about green fees (the fees you have to pay to be able to play on the golf course) saying that it is unfair that you have to pay for them as they are expensive. You have to know that there are so many courses available to play for a small fee and that the elderly and the youngest will have discounts.

Surely, golf can be expensive, but it is totally up to you.

You don’t have to buy expensive gear in order to play, and I think that settles the point straight if you ask me.