Why are low dynamic sports good for you?

One of the ways my friends and I like to spend time together is by playing sports! I know, it can sound funny – who meets up just to play sports? Most of the people who enjoy sports actually meet up to watch them, place some bets and even have fun on sites like https://luckystreet.com/ while commercials are rolling on. This is common practice anywhere, right? But meeting up to play sports? I can already hear you say “Can’t you have fun in a more relaxing way?” But please, let me explain. We don’t do highly dynamic sports, instead, we play golf, and other low dynamic sports. Even though they are seen as non-sports, these sports are incredibly good for you, as there are so many health benefits you get from playing them. Do you want to know the exact reasons why they are so beneficial? Continue reading this post.


Golf is often overlooked and termed “a boring sport” or “a sport only for rich and old people” and I am afraid I have to say I disagree with it all!

It’s not because I am passionate about playing golf, but it really is far from boring. You have no clue how fun it can be when played with your friends! It’s a social sport and what I love about it, when played recreationally, is that you don’t have to compete at all.

Also, don’t think of it as a low impact exercise – believe me, even though it looks monotonous, it really works your muscles without giving you any injuries.


It isn’t only golf that is devalued among sports lovers; it’s also the most of the low dynamic sports that are not seen as “real” sports at all. Billiards, although it doesn’t look like a proper sport to sport lovers, allows you to actually burn calories and stretch! It is an amazing social sport that improves your cognitive thinking, making you think of a bigger picture before playing any move. Isn’t that great? There are also smaller accounts of injuries in billiards – which, to us who really don’t want to deal with that, is amazing.


Another famous low dynamic sport is bowling. You get to socialise, as you usually go bowling with your friends, you actually burn calories and stretch your muscles!

And, bowling, like all the other low dynamic sports, has a low number of people who get injured while playing it. So what’s not to love about it?


Cricket is an amazing sport that actually allows you to work on your team building skills as in order to play it, you need a lot of members (at least 11 members in a team!). It is simply perfect for socializing. You will also burn calories while running and you can improve your motor skills, so really, you have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.


Curling is another social sport that is very interactive. What I love about it is that it can be played by anyone – able-bodied and disabled people alike, which is amazing. It also allows you to work on your flexibility and motor skills, on top of burning a lot of calories. Now that you know a bit more about these types of sports, tell me, will you be trying them out? If so, please let me know!