Basic rules of golf

There are many characteristics that define a sport, but rules are unambiguously the most important characteristics of any sport. We all know that almost every sport has a following that likes to place bets with promotions like the parimatch promo code, but it is rules that define what the sport we’re playing consists of, how many team-members there are, if any, what sort of tools we will be using etc. And like any other sport, golf also has rules. Numerous rules. Numerous rules that you have to read over and over until you realise how to play it only to realise that there are still things you have not even heard of. Luckily for you, I decided to narrow it down and provide you with the basic rules of playing golf. After reading this, you will be better equipped (hopefully) and will have no issues with playing it on a beginner level. Here we go:


As with any sport, you need to have correct equipment before you begin playing it.

In golf, you will need clubs (the “tools” used to kick the ball towards holes) and it depends on you how many clubs you would like to bring to the court. For what it’s worth, you need to bring at least one club for playing, but you can expand that number up to fourteen; it really just depends on how you want to play the game.

Apart from clubs, you need to bring golf balls, tees (the wooden objects stuck in the ground that help you position your golf ball), ball markers (as their name says, used to mark the position of the ball on the court), a pitchfork (a tool used to fix the dents balls make in the ground), good shoes and good gloves.


In order to make your first move, you will have to position your tee on the ground where you

want it (which again, depends on what you’re going for – but you generally need to place it within the length of two clubs), and only play within the parameters of the tee. Yes, I do know that that is a daunting thought. Just know that you can’t move it! If the wind moves it, for example, then it will be alright for you to play from that new position, but in all other situations, you are not allowed to move it as you will receive a penalty for it. 

While you can bring as many golf balls to the court as you want, when you choose one for one point, you will be stuck with it. During that point, you aren’t allowed to change it, but when trying for another point, you are free to change it as you wish. What is also important is that the golf balls are marked – you wouldn’t want to play with someone else’s equipment as it would automatically cancel out your points. 

Once you play your point, it is important to know that you must mark it somehow – that is to say, you must replace it on the same exact spot where it landed with some sort of a marker (perhaps, a coin). 

Sometimes, it will happen that you will hit the ball and it will go out of bounds, which can be scary to a beginner. But don’t worry; surely, you will get a penalty, but at least you can play for the point again! 

Hopefully, this helps. Happy playing!