Millcreek Golf Club takes pride in offering world-class services to our members at a reasonable price. They will receive a myriad of benefits including access to the championship courses, clubhouse amenities, daily use of golf carts, golf caddy assistance, and many more.


Interested future members may apply for membership through a referral from 3 of our members. Also, the application will be reviewed by our board of trustees. Unless the candidate is vying for a junior membership (ages 30 and below), a referral from only one member is necessary. 

The 4 Kinds of Membership are as follow:

  • Legacy Membership – entitles members to ALL privileges with unlimited access including the right to be nominated in club elections.
  • Full Membership – entitles members to ALL privileges with limited access to amenities.
  • Sports Membership – this membership entitles members full access to sports amenities.
  • Junior Membership – a special category for minors, this type of membership entitles the holder to ALL privileges. The type of access may depend on the type of membership the referral originated from.

Membership Prices

Category Nomination Fee Annual Subscription
Legacy Membership $4000 $1800
Full Membership $3000 $1300
Sports Membership $2000 $900
Junior Membership:

13-18 years old

12 and below 

$1000 $700
$500 $400
Club House $300 $200


  • Access to golf courses, tennis courts, and pool
  • Clubhouse services
  • Food and beverage
  • 50% Discount on competition fees
  • Exclusive discounts to special tournaments and events
  • Free golf cart service
  • Golf caddy assistance
  • Eligible to bring one or two guests, depending on the membership type

Special discounts on the Pro-Shop